Too much stuff? Declutter and reorganize your diabetes supplies!

I have some pencils in the basket, but no log book to record blood sugars.


Vials of insulin in butter compartment.

Diabetes supplies in utility cart with drawers.

Insulin cool pack in the rear of the fridge.

More diabetes supplies in buffet drawers.

Misplaced two packs of batteries.

Found them and lost them again.

More diabetes supplies in a clear bin on top of a tool box in the shed,

yet, I still can’t find stuff because the diabetes supply kit and the tool kit

are in similar containers.

Just found batteries. Watch me lose them again.

Is this you? If so, it’s time to declutter and reorganize. Your items should be in three places: 1. In your bedroom (for emergencies); 2. In your closet or another convenient place 3. Downstairs Fridge for insulin (and not concealed by stuff). If you can, invest in a micromini fridge to keep in your bed room. It will come in handy during sick days. Organize folder with medical visits and receipts, and place in diabetes supply drawer. Label it, and make it visible. I shall return as soon as I reorganized. Oh, and I will provide photos.


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