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Need Shoes For Mismatched Foot Size?

I have pork chop feet with narrow heels. To top it off my right foot is a half size larger than my left foot. For the past year, I’ve bought and returned shoes at Zappos. Finally, I found two pairs of boots, however, I can’t wear them during the summer months. After discussing my dilemma with Zappos’, she had a suggestion. Contact Nordstrom, Birkenstock or Mismatched Shoe ProgramMy sister then shared a news clipping from the fashion section of the New York Times titled NYT If You Have Hard To Fit Feet…. that was also helpful. After reading the article I decided to search for blogs on the issue. There are were many blogs and the list for stores selling mismatched shoes has expanded. Visit Amy at  AbilityHacker for an in depth and process for purchasing shoes. It’s simple and to the point. They also provide helpful links.  And Yes, I found a pair of shoes by Waldlaufer, a German company.


Wear w/footies, stockings, or thin socks w/padded bottoms. Shoes are nubuck leather w/leather lining ($155-$170)