Monica McIntyre, Cellist/Vocalist/Lyricist Jazz, blues, soul and acoustic sounds are Monica’s (Cellomama) interesting medley of flavors. The album BLUSOLAZ is a symbol of her experiences. “To know my album is to know me,” Monica.

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Ezekiel Zagar,  Musician/Vocalist/Lyricist Reggae, funk, and salsa are the tasty mixed served here. It’s been a long journey for Ezekiel: As a member of the seminal Philly punk band McRad in the 1980s, he toured and recorded extensively before concentrating on song-writing. His career was interrupted soon after the birth of his son Yoel, who was diagnosed with leukemia. That experience, and Yoel’s full recovery-plus life in post-9/11 America—formed the backdrop Love and War.

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