Motto: Never lend out books; this saves energy on worrying if they’ll be returned in good condition—or at all.                                                                                     —Monique Gordon

I’m a Philadelphia native, and my nickname stems from a 1962 sitcom: The New Loretta Young Show. Loretta Young had five daughters, just as my parents did, and Loretta’s inquisitive, feisty child was named Binkie Massey. My inquisitiveness and vivid imagination appears in Binky’s Words, a mind-on, hands-on activity, poetry book. The poetry is attributed to my family’s fascination with books and story telling. I can spin a poem from almost anything: Dreams, dialogue, quotes found on fair-trade teabag tags, news headlines, and notes left by strangers. My home library is a pastiche of journals and books given as gifts, purchased from flea markets, sidewalk sales, independent book dealers, thrift shops, and unclaimed books found on public transit or tossed in the dumpster by their owners.

Onward and Upward with Diabetes  by Monique Gordon

Click link to read story http://www.diabeteshealth.com/read/2007/09/18/5426.html


13 thoughts on “ABOUT MONIQUE

  1. I enjoyed the article that I have read so far. My diabetes have been out of control for the last 4 months due to the disconuation on Byetta. This site had given me a renewed hope on self endocrine treatment for diabetes. Of course I will follow my insulin regiment as well as counting carbs. I just needed a push and this site did just that.

  2. Love your blog, I landed on it following a comment you left on another blog and have spent the past hour just reading. You are my new hero for living with type 1 for 38yrs WOW!

  3. Monique I love what you have done here with your blog. A lot of time and thought has gone into this. I too have suffered from diabetes, type II. I know it is not the same as type I. But I believe there is always hope for cures.

    I liked your endocrine recipe section. I also take Armour thyroid and have also studied a bunch on the endocrine system.

    I am here at your blog as you linked over to mine this morning, Fun with Food (www.savorthefood.com/blog ). We hope you’ll stop by again. Your readership and comments are much appreciated.

    Mean time I look forward to more from Keeping It Real. 🙂


  4. Hey Monique hope your doing Fine!! This month is Diabetes Awareness. The two people I have in mind is my Mother and You. I joined two diabetes web-sites to continue to get info on the subject to help my mother out. Here is a place you might like on Face Book: http://www.facebook.com/sanofiUSDiabetes. I have like their page and will get involved in the conversation.

    Hope to hear from you soon Monique. Please take care of yourself. 🙂


  5. A woman borrowed her friend’s autographed book and left it on the floor. After her dog whizzed on it, she returned it to the friend. She had a nerve to be angry with the friend for ending their twenty-two year friendship. I went on line to see when the author was retiring to her city for another book signing before the cover changed. She replied, “Why? We no longer speak.” I said, “So. Mail it to her.”

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