Animated links: mechanics of the pancreas and dining out

Everyone has a pancreas, but sometimes environmental factors, heredity, viruses, medications, ailments, and lifestyle can cause it to malfunction.
View an animated guide of the pancreas:
Video: Selecting meals when eating out
1. If eating from 8″ plate stay within inner circle; and don’t pile high glycemic portions on plate
2. don’t force yourself to devour entire meal
3. don’t allow others to bully you into eating foods you should avoid
4. if you want dessert, share it with companion
5. sometimes an appetizer is just as filling as the entrée
6. call the restaurant before you arrive and ask about their menu
7. have fun

Book List

  • Bean Banquet From Boston to Bombay 200 Intern’l, High-Fiber, Vegetarian Recipes by Patricia R. Gregory (Historical information and recipes for entrées,appetizers, and desserts)

(Eat produce according to season)

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