Binky's Words

Binky’s Words

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Binky’s Words is an autobiographical poetry and interactive book for grade levels five through eight or anyone wanting to relive their childhood. Binky takes you on a mystical journey as seen through the eyes of a child via dreams, observations, and dialogue: a hands-on, mind-on experience.

Binky invites you to such places like her fifth grade gym class of Square Dancing, and first grade blues while tackling math at the dining room table. Each poem precedes or is followed by open-ended questions, fun facts, and anecdotes. 23 books in stock/No reorders.

Binky’s Words is a delight to read and Monique Gordon’s presentation brought all of its fun and wisdom to life. — University of PA, The Kelly Writers House, October 9, 2003

Binky’s Words is great fun. The kids really enjoy the child oriented activities that are perfect for grades 5th-8th. — The late S. Chris Saad, PhD., Chris’ Corner Books for Kids & Teens, Philadelphia, May 27, 2004

Monique’s Poetry comes to life with vivid use of words and character descriptions.  My favorite poems are “Ayinde” and “No Secrets.” —Russell Mahrt Sr., Theatre Actor (Monique’s 5th grade teacher), New York, October, 17, 2009

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