ENDO, EVE and ECHO’S-bio/audio

We do not go: we are sent — and he who sends us accompanies us. −The Liebavitcher Rebbe Endo Paws

Sorry guys, but there's no more room at the inn.

There isn’t anymore room at the Inn.

Hello, my One Dimensional, Flat Screen Friends!

Mistress Binky found me (Endo) while recuperating from a battle with pneumonia, which interfered with her diabetes. As a result, her walking, writing, and speaking skills were impaired. The latter two skills improved, but she still suffers from nerve damage and an abnormal gait.  As a result, she resorted to worrying.  However, that changed when she took an alternate route to the bus stop. I was cold and wandering the streets of  North Philadelphia when she spotted me.

For three weeks Mistress Binky’s worrying was redirected towards rescuing me. After 72 hours I was released into her care by the Animal Control.  Some believe we found each other; others believe I was left for her.  Now I live in a home with a personal pillow in every room, organic meals, filtered water, and a window with a view. And my buddy in the posing with Mistress is Eve (Kit E. Kat), rescued on Christmas Eve, 2009. The Gray Saber-Tabby is Echo, rescued October 26, 2013, and taken to the shelter. She was vaccinated, spayed, cleaned and returned to the park, however, she found her way back to our home and has been here ever since. We’ve been to more cultural events than some humans: museums, poetry readings, pet carnivals, and Bastille Day to name a few. During spring, Mistress wheels Eve in her pet-carrier to events for thirty minutes as Mistress Binky’s sister takes me in my pet-carrier during all types of weather (except icy, snow, and extreme heat or cold) on public transportation for adventures. Once we  reach our destination I can exit bag and walk on a leash. When Mistress Binky has a doctor’s  appointment or aqua therapy session the three of use chill on the couch or her bed and chuckle  to Howard Stern.

We welcome you to browse this site and blog us about pets, diabetes, environmentally safe cleaning products, and more. What we can’t answer we’ll refer you to useful resources. But don’t forget to add traditional books and newspapers to your list of materials to read.

By the way… Check out some of these tunes by a couple of friends of ours, and click about Monica and Ezekiel’s page if you like what you hear. They have CDs, hold concerts, and conduct school performances. Listen to these tunes by Monica McIntyre: “Are You Lost? “Intent” ___ Listen to these tunes by Ezekiel: “Trust/Awareness” “What Really Matters”


7 thoughts on “ENDO, EVE and ECHO’S-bio/audio

    • Thanks soooooo much. Stay tune for important information and updates. Let us know what’s on your mind:health, sustainable living books to read, places to go, and more!


  1. You know I could really begin this comment by saying…
    HEY DOG!!!! HEY CAT!!!
    Your site is so cool,Endo and Eve! What in the world are you and Miss binky planning to do next?

    • Many Thanks to you as well Teacher Mattie. We made Mistress Binky our moderator. She takes dictation then respond to my fan mail. Let me know if any information is misconstrued.

  2. Dearest Endo, you are so handsome. I enjoy the pictures you have on your moderator, Binky”s, web site. What do you think of your other companion called a cat? I forgot her name. Let me see if I can remember? Oh Eve. How do you like Eve’s company?
    You have been to my house and have taken pictures too. I know you are so loved. Someday I hope to invites someone like you into my home. Right now I have my hands full caring for you know who…yep! She is a handful. Write back when you can. I will cherish it.
    Ms. Celerette Parsnips

    • Dearest Ms. Celerette Parsnips,
      Long time no see. Sooooo, when can we do lunch? Tell You-Know-Who that we have photos of her hugging me. Should I give Mistress the go-ahead to publish them? Get yourself a dog or cat. As I google I see pspca is having a special on dogs and cats this weekend.

      Bow wow, Meow
      Endo & Eve

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