Mural of Frederick Douglass Students-N. Philadelphia

Mural by Mural Arts Project

“It’s a lifetime investment meeting someone.”

South African Proverb

Together at Frederick Douglass Elementary, Ms. Davis and I  exposed her first graders  to colorful words in poetry, reading various genres, writing to music learning the history  behind and reciting Amergin and Cessair A Battle of Poetic Incantation for three weeks. This was the outcome:

“What Really Matters” by Ezekiel

“We learn to read books to improve our minds. Writing critiques makes us better scribers. We are narratives: stories about anything with a beginning, middle, and end. We of Room 110 are creative artists, illustrators, writers, and mathematicians. Last, but not least we’re ballet and jazz dancers.”


Alicia: I am the book bag that holds education.

Daayahaa: I am the cat in the cage. “Let me out!”

Nitasha: I am the Scorpion of madness.

Myel: I am the storm of the people.

Ms. Davis: I am the keeper of all things precious.

Kory: I am the mathematics of numbers to write in my book.

Marshanna: I am the roots of a pastel rose.

Quadir: I am the rose of the family; I am the sneeze of Gesundheit.

Cianni: I am the wind of fashion.

Macy: I am the grass that Loves you baby!

Ms. Monique: I am a journey through library halls.

Nasir: I am the name of Caring-who helps Grandmom to walk.

Nia: I am the mask of happiness.

Tyreek: I am the Mack of happiness.

Christian: I am the money of the rich.

Tyrone: I am the book of learning.

Tiara: I am the gourmet pickles sold in Macy’s Department Store.

Zakia: I am the yellow bee that buzzes all night.

Alliyah: I am the mustard yellow sun that shines in your eyes.

Anthony: I am a card game that holds a folder.

Jamairah: I am the school that has teachers to help students.

Tierrah: I am the Spiro game on the internet.

Carlton: I am the day of the deep night.

Kelly: I am the darkness of closets, the steam of fire. I am fire of books;fire of learning.









  1. It is such a pleasure to read the work of my former students. They are now fifth grade students getting ready for Grade VI. I look forward to working with you again

    • Good Evening Teacher Mattie,
      I corrected the error as promised. In a few days I’ll upload a photo of your school’s mural.
      Peace & Love,
      Peace & Love,
      Peace & Love.

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