Homeopathic Madness

Oh no, she sees me.

I focus on my dog, pretending not to see her.

The lanky  glassy-eye chick with locks  walks towards me ranting,

“I wanna move outta Philadelphia. People are crazy.

Do You still have diabetes? Stop eating sugar and starch.

Take herbs.  I study homeopathic medicine, I know.

Mad Chick lists family members with diabetes.

Diseases are man-made.

My daughter got pink-eye. It lasted a year.

Did you give her herbs?

Rolling her eyes, she mumbles, “Yes.”

“Before advanced technology  doctors  tasted  a person’s urine to detect diabetes?”

“That’s nasty.”

“You’re one with nature, you should embrace it?”

Mad Chick changes subject to life insurance.

Knowing we didn’t have each other’s number,

I promise to call and leave it.


2 thoughts on “Homeopathic Madness

  1. You handled Homeopathic Mad Chick well, I don’t know if I could have stayed as calm! People like her know everything about everything and by everything I mean nothing. Seems to me that HMC is a legend in her own mind!
    Kelly K

  2. Doctors tasted a person’s urine to detect diabetes..I don’t doubt what you wrote…but yak.

    My grandmother died from complications with type II and my mother suffers now with type II. They had her taking insulin as well. But I got her to beef up her trace mineral intake and now she doesn’t have to take the insulin shots.


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