ONWARD AND UPWARD WITH DIABETES: Diabetic bloopers/animated guide/resources

Diabetic Bloopers

This is not a balanced meal! It has too much meat, fat, sugar and salt : 20 0z. apple juice, 1 lb. Angus steak w/ fried onions saturated in butter,  and 1 c. carrots and 1c. turnips over powered by sugar and salt.

Alternative meal: 2 1/2 oz. broiled steak with herbs and onion sautéed in olive oil, 4 oz juice or 1 apple, 1/2 c. carrot with leafy green veggies, and turnips, and  1/2 c. brown or wild rice. Research spices and herbs to use for desired taste (i.e. Italian, Middle Eastern, Asian, Somalian flavors)

1. I have diabetes so I have to eat. Whether you have diabetes or not, you should eat a balanced meal on schedule without over indulging in certain food groups.  Diabetes occurs when  the pancreas  makes little or no insulin.

2. Yellow grapefruits are lower in carbs than pink and ruby-red grapefruits. It’s all psychological. Half a grapefruit, no matter the color, is still equal to one fruit.

3. I rinse rice before cooking to rid it of extra starch. No can do. Rinsing rice causes depletion of needed nutrition. Just eat less rice, or combine 1/2 c. of rice with a medley of non starchy vegetables. This will surely cure your appetite.

4. You can’t eat that! Never embarrass a diabetic by scolding him/her on what they can and can’t eat. Diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t have sugar. Learn about ADA standards, be diplomatic when giving advice. Finally, a good host/hostess serves a variety of foods that are healthy, along with comfort foods. Better yet, seek alternative methods in preparing health comfort foods and your body will love you.

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