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The 6 Diseases Linked To Osteoporosis​


Sit-ups with my pooch


There are 6 diseases linked to osteoporosis and Type 1 Diabetes is one. I was given Fosamax, however, I didn’t take it yet. You have to take it with once/week with 8 ounces of water, and sit straight without leaning or bending for 30 minutes on an empty stomach. Since I couldn’t master that, I decided to wait. Also, there’s concern for fractures. I was advised to only take med for a short-term, then give it a 3 month rest. I’s still weighing my options. Until then, exercise, diet, and remove or secure hazardous objects that are in the home.

To learn the other about the other 5 visit  WebMD Link to Osteoporosis.  Click the listen to the icon to hear the information. There is also additional info on questions to ask your doctor, foods to eat, exercises to do, meds to take, slide presentations and videos. Stay informed and take care of your body!


Osteoporosis: Treatment | Health Monitor

Osteoporosis: Treatment | Health Monitor.

After reading link above, I found this quote in another link below above article. Confusing I know. What did I do? Called the prescribing doctor for calcium/Vitamin D supplement. She hemmed, then hawed. I said, “I tell you what

“Our own recommendation is to critically review the use of calcium supplements, since the data in this paper suggests that they do more harm than good,” added Reid, who is professor of medicine and endocrinology at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

“The cautious way forward seems to be to encourage people to obtain their calcium from the diet, rather than from supplements, since food calcium has not been shown to carry this increased risk of heart disease,” Reid added.